Overview:   St. John & Partners partnered with Cantrece Jones and her ADG team to help our JEA client successfully launch an electric safety program designed for potentially ‘at risk’ elementary school children. ADG made significant contributions in getting this program off the ground as well as bringing it to life. Based on their understanding of the student population most in need of electric safety information, ADG identified the elementary school for the pilot program, and Ms. Jones personally facilitated the connection between the school administration and the JEA team. ADG’s graphic design team added vibrant personality to the student materials, creating visually appealing, friendly and age-appropriate material, based on the program’s curriculum content. The ADG team was very responsive to JEA feedback and requests for additional material, and despite timeframes that were often very tight, the team consistently delivered high quality work, and met all deadlines. Our partnership with ADG in this endeavor was very productive, and the program is going extremely well.


  • Campaign Concepts
  • Campaign Illustrations
  • Program Facilitation
  • Graphic Design
  • Video-By JEA

    Results:  Perhaps most importantly, the participating students as well as the school administration have become enthusiastic supporters of this program and its benefits.