Duval County Public Schools

Overview: ADG Marketing worked with Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) to develop a grassroots marketing campaign for the Duval County Public Schools, Intervene Schools. DCPS wanted to increase public awareness of the new pro- grams being offered at these schools and to increase enrollment of students who transitioned from their neighborhood schools to those with higher FCAT scores through opportunity scholarships.
Research: We conducted a variety of focus groups throughout the community. Many if the focus groups includ- ed parents, students, community leaders and business owners. The focus groups revealed:

Parents, students and teachers where accountable to make the schools better
Consistent programming across all schools should be implemented Participants were divided about the use of the opportunity scholarships. Many participants did not like the fact that the higher scoring students were leaving their neighborhood schools.

Objectives: The main objective was to encourage those students who utilized the opportunity scholarships to return to their neighborhood schools. An additional objective was to engage a higher performing demographic of students by implementing new programs such as The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE).

Strategy & Tactics: This four month effort included aggressive public involvement through outreach and imagery depicting a variety of successful students enrolled in the new programs.
• Interviews with students, principals and administrative staff from all Intervene Schools to gain their in sight on the “intervene” status of their schools
• Photo Shoot with students in preparation for use in campaign
• Kick-off Community Event (School Showcase)
• Developed marketing posters for Raines, Ribault and Andrew Jackson
• Stakeholders visioning /focus groups
• Fostered relationships with community champions
• Campaign website
• Overview and summary brochures
• Posters distributed to community partners: MetroPCS and Community First Credit Union
• Developed :30 Radio PSA for campaign
• Print, radio and social media advertising and earned media
• Developed 3 “Get Plugged In”: 30 TV PSA’s for High Schools
• Targeted outreach by partnering with existing scheduled community events (City of Jacksonville, DCPS,
Churches and Non Profit Organizations)
Results: The program increased the amount of enrollment in the newly implemented programs. A sense of pride was encouraged in the community through the “Get Plugged In” campaign. Public comments indicated a greater awareness of and interest in the Intervene schools.


Campaign Website

Community Event

Campaign Materials