Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Overview: ADG is a primary subcontractor to Pond/Michael Baker. This team will perform design services for the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center (JRTC). The JRTC will be a multi-modal hub, located in Downtown Jacksonville that will integrate key local, regional and intercity service in one location. The key benefits include improved connectivity between modes, such as local bus; First Coast Flyer Bus Rapid Transit; Skyway; Greyhound and potential future commuter rail service.

Key Benefit:

Improved connectivity between modes including local bus, BRT and Skyway; regional bus and future commuter rail service; and intercity bus and passenger rail service.

Project Scope includes:

Intercity Bus Facility (Greyhound) - To be completed by early 2018. JTA Administrative Offices including other amenities such as Parking, Pedestrian Bridge over Forsyth and Sidewalk improvements, Skyway improvements to include supervisor/driver’s area, restrooms and customer service, Other (kiss-n-ride, taxi, car share, bike share - to be ready for service by end of 2019)

Project Site Plan:

  • The Intercity Bus Terminal would be approximately 8,000sf, the Bus Transfer Facility would consist of 13 bus bays and the Administration area would have approximately 35,000sf of interior space. 
  • The project procurement will be a two path approach:
  • Request for Qualification for Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) procurement is advertised to shortlist by Nov 11.
  • Issue a Request for Proposal RFP to shortlisted CMAR firms and select a CMAR by the Board in Dec 2015.Issue an RFP for a Design Architect/Engineer Oct. 12 and submit final shortlist of Design firms for Board approval by Dec 2105.
  • Issue a design competition to the shortlisted designers and make final design firm selection by April 2016.
  • Start design in May 2016.


  • JTA has completed a conceptual design and FTA has approved the re-evaluation of the Environmental Assessment. Critical next steps in advancing the project include:
  • Amended 40-year lease negotiated with Greyhound
  • Securing a Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) on both the 5311(f) funds and the SIS funds with the Florida Department of Transportation
  • Issued Request for Qualification for a Construction Manager
  • The Construction Manager at Risk will manage the costs/Budget, the Schedule, quality and assist with selection of the design firm through a competitive process.
  • Securing funding and Amtrak commitment to relocate to Downtown


  • The construction of the JRTC is expected to be complete by the end of 2019.



Conceptual Design Video

Revitalization of LaVilla

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