Why is Branding your Project so Important

Launching a new project can be an overwhelming experience due to various components and nuances required for the project. Building a skilled team that illustrates dedication and support can be just as difficult as executing the project. What many may not know is that branding your project may combat some of these difficulties.

“A brand can be defined as a unique value proposition expressed in a relevant and differentiated way such that it creates preference and loyalty among key audiences” (Karen A. Brown, Richard Ettenson and Nancy Lea Hyer). Essentially, the people who are involved and impacted must understand the who, what, when, and most importantly, the why of the project. Branding your project clearly defines those questions.  Project managers who effectively brand their project establishes a clear and consistent vision of the project. This approach also allows key stakeholders to be conveyed the purpose, goals and benefits of the project.

If project managers remember to apply the principles of brand management to each stage of the project and its initiatives, they will garner the support from their team, achieve the project goals, and deliver on the organization’s business objectives.

3 Takeaways from branding your project:

  1. It creates value
  2. It creates preference and loyalty among key audiences
  3. It helps accomplish the project’s goals